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Retrouver Limited is an information based security solutions business utilising the "Best in Class" anywhere in the world, and managing the process on behalf of clients.

Depending on how the French Verb 'Retrouver' is used and in which context, the translation has many uses. The essence of the business is the same, and is therefore defined by its name:

  • To find, to seek, to search
  • To remember
  • To meet/RV
  • To regain, recapture, to re-unite

The Company provides Intelligence based Security Services for it's clients, using good information derived from raw data combined with experience and judgement. The intelligence Business is based upon using information to act, with the supplementary product being the Security or Solution Service.

  • We track assets and people worldwide through our networks of well placed advisors and information partners
  • We manage surveillance tasks and recovery operations using our in-house resources
  • We provide advice and guidance for our clients on all security matters
  • We endeavour to understand our clients problems and their context
  • We work 'hand-in-glove' with law enforcement processes and international law firms on behalf of their clients
  • We act entirely with the laws of any jurisdiction within which we operate