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Insurance & Risk Services » General Risk

For general insurance risks impacted by crime, terrorism, extortion or kidnap for ransom Retrouver has considerable experience and knoweldge to develop specific solutions and strategies.

Criminal activity can result from a range of motivations ranging from happenchance opportunity for an attacker through to ruthlessley organised and planned criminal intent. Losses can impact the physical assets of an enterprise and increasingly the people passively involved in the crime.

We have experience of the design and assessment of crticial national infrastructure locations - and the design of public buildings to mitigate the likelihood or effect of a terrorist act. We work with architects and building designers to map the potential effects of a terrorist act - and design measures with the client and insurer to mitigate these to an acceptable level.

Poor security measures or complacency can lead to individuals being placed in a vulnerable situtation - usually through poor security controls. This liability can fall on insurers - and understanding the risks and what can be mitigated or alternatively transferred are important. We can assist end users with methods of avoiding or reducing these exposures. Our experience includes extreme extortion attempts around bulk cash and tiger kidnap scenarios.