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Insurance & Risk Services » Specie Risk

Retrouver understands all issues around specie risk need to be dealt with using exceptional care.

We can demonstrate an in depth expertise around assessing, implementing and designing protection systems - ranging from assessing and designing Central Bank cash and bullion centres, art respositories, the precious metal and stones supply chain and other areas.

We can act for insurers (syndicates and insurance companies) in assessing true risk, or revieiwng a client's proposed security plan or design for a new location. We can review the trans-shipment of high value assets and the temporary or permanent storage of art, cash, bullion or artefacts around the world.

We can provide similar site / enterprise review and design or project management services for the insured party (the client). We have assisted clients in recruiting and retaining senior security management. We have written and produced security handbooks for large international organisations, and scaled down procedures and policies for independent locations.