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Insurance & Risk Services Incident/Claim Investigation

We have experience of investigating significant losses and security breaches in this area and in other related fields including data breaches, which are arguably more difficult due to the complexity of information technology systems and the fact that a the loss of data is frequently intangible ie when a painting is stolen it is physically removed from the scene.

The performance of individuals and systems during an incident are often critical. We specialise in extracting details and deductions from basic and sometimes contradictory information. In other cases there may be a wealth of 'technical data' from security systems which requires interpritation, organisation and summarisation.

Were security procedures followed, could there be an internal influence or other factor not disclosed to insurers? We have the practical knowledge to undertsand the detailed sequence of a crime, and place the evidence in a timeline - leading to an overview of such an event. This can then be compared to the basis of the claim for assessment and further queries where needed.