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Security Design Services

Retrouver has extensive relevant experience in advising clients regarding the design and implementation of security and protective measures around Specie (portable valuable items including art, metals (platinum, gold, silver, diamonds / stones, jewellery).

We design and implement security systems and procedures for clients, with wide experience in the following areas:-

  • advising clients on the selection of security management
  • tendering and selection of outsourced security personnel (guarding) companies
  • designing security systems including physical security (vaults, protective displays and glazing, shop fronts and storage areas, offices and data centres) including engineering level knowledge of electronic security systems (digital IP and analogue CCTV; covert surveillance, access control systems including enterprise grade systems; electronic and mechanical locking for doors, secure containers and vaults)
  • remote monitoring and real time security management
  • security response services

We can produce security specifications in great detail, with schedules and marked architects drawings; or we can develop a performance specification where the objective(s) of the system(s) are detailed; to do this effectively you must also appreciate the constraints.